Glorifying teen pregnancies?

So, as I'm sure most of us (Americans) have been hearing, teen pregnancies, after having dropped 34% from 1991 - 2005, are now up again, at the highest since 1971....

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do parents now a days punish their children

or just allow them to do as they please so they? I have seen so many people make comments that their children throw tantrums when they don't get what they want. I can relate to...

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I want to run in traffic

I have a great life and a wonderfull husband, beautiful 7mo old daughter. Im 25. Husband is gone for usually 13hr days all week. I have my daughter always. I dont have brothers...

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Did anybody catch Dr. Phil today?

So Dr. Phil was focusing on stay at home moms and what they do during the day. They had the one doctor who has done all this research saying that stay at home moms have 40 hours...

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Tubes in ears

My son has had way too many ear infections since he was born. And 2 weeks ago he had another one. He was put on meds and ear drops for the drainage, we went back last friday and...


Am I just being selfish?

So, I'm 28 years old, and I just had my second baby. I have a 16 month old son and a two month old daughter. When I was visiting my OBGYN I requested that they do a tubal,...

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Community standing over personal choice?

This post has been edited to add a better video, the first wouldn't display and didn't work all the way through. Same video, better quality. :) Do you think the strength of a...

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What would you do?

After finding out I was preagnant after recently giving birth to my first baby girl I am faced with the delema of what to do now. I am currently not working yet wish to return...

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Scared to go out in public

Our pedicatrian said that it's time, but after being home for 3 months, we have only taken our baby to the doctor and my parent's house. I can't take him out-I'm scared to...



my daughter is 1 on the 21st April and is showing no signs of crawling or attempting to walk i have tried everything my son who is 4 in June did not have any trouble with...

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