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Feeling Alone

I've been feeling alone lately because I've found it's really hard to keep friends with having three children that need constant care. With one under two, the second three, and...

Started by Jessica on 10/18/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 06/29/2016 by JS


Feeling Alone

My daughter is one month old and ever since we brought her home my husband hasn't really done anything with her or me unless I ask him to. He spends more time on his phone then...

Started by Desirae Ann on 12/20/2017 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 12/29/2017 by Sarah


Feeling alone

Even though my daughter lives close by and we talk to each other at least 3-4 times a day, I still feel alone and miss her presence in our home...

Started by Pam on 11/26/2008 in Empty Nest Moms

Last update on 09/30/2010 by Penny


Feeling alone...

Hi! I am new here. I have a 3 year old daughter who has been developmentally ahead since 6m. She said her first word and sign at 6m, walked at 9m, fully potty trained at 14m,...


Sleeping - To cry or not to cry?

Hi ladies, Just wanting to know everyone's thoughts about the crying method. I'm on day 3 & so emotionally drained hearing my son cry. Its breaking my heart. I'm doing it...


phantom baby cries

does anyone else hear like babie crys even if your baby is not crying he is sleeping...or am i loosing my mind lol


Cry it out or Attend to baby?

My husband and I are arguing over whether or not it is better to let your child cry themselves to sleep or if you should be consoling them and answering there cries. Just...

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Started by Alena on 01/19/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 01/10/2012 by Sally


How to get the baby to sleep alone?

Well mine is just 2 and a half and i know that this is the good time to teach him to go to sleep alone but i can't do that. I have to rock him to sleep or run the water tap (...

Started by Nilushi on 08/25/2009 in June 2009 Babies

Last update on 10/05/2009 by Christy



So since I am sitting here listening to my son cry. I have done everything. From changing his diaper, feeding him, checking his temp, playing with him & all of the above I...


Letting baby cry

How old should your child be when you let him/her cry themselves to sleep or cry themselves till they calm down as long as they are fed and clean?


When to let a baby cry?

My son is fussy a great deal during the day. He wants to be picked up and walked around the house. When should you let a baby just cry? Should I let him fuss as long as there...


Letting baby Cry It Out

I've been using the CIO method of sleep training since my DD was 4 months old. Sometimes she goes right to sleep with barely a peep. Other times she really cry's. I hate letting...


Baby screaming crying if not held!

My 3 week old son screams bloody murder if I put him down even if he is sleeping soundly he will wake up and cry until I get him....this Is only during the day, he sleeps great...

Started by Kaytlyn on 03/26/2015 in Babies And Infants

Last update on 04/23/2015 by Amenda


Learning to let baby cry

I have noticed lately that my 3 month old cries whenever she feels the need to be picked up. She stops whenever we walk with her, but if we sit down or change her position, she...

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Started by Shannon on 02/05/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 02/07/2009 by Barbara


Soothe my crying baby

I am a first time mother and my baby is 1 month today. Lately she has been super fussy and I simply do not know what to do for her. She does not fit the criteria for colic. We...


My baby is always crying!

Barely 3 months old. If someone isn't holding her, she cries! She used to love sitting in her swing but now she hates it. My mom has spoiled her rotten by picking her up every...


Need help with a crying baby!!

My daughter will be 7 months tomorrow. I had to return to work after 6 weeks. She started with her normal babysitter at this time, however after only a few shorts months needed...


Husband annoyed by baby's crying

So my husband seems to be really annoyed with our 3 month old daughter when she's crying or being grumpy. Thing is, he never picks her up and if i don't he either tells me to or...

Started by Rose on 06/11/2015 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 06/11/2015 by Elena

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