Baby Einstein

Hello... my daughter, Rebecca is 11 months 2 weeks old, and since she was about 7 months, has LOVED Baby Einstein. We try not to show her TV too much and swore we woudlnt do...


Baby sleeping patterns

Hi all. My son is 6.5 months and he sleeps for roughly 12 hours at night from about 6 pm to 5-6 am. During the day he sleeps 2 or 3 chunks of 1/2 hour, no more no less. My...


What is your baby's schedule like?

Hello Moms, First time mom... He is 3 months old and i was just wondering what your baby's schedule is like? -What is it like before his bedtime? -Do you have ritual? Singing...


Tips to get her sleeping through the night

Camryn is 3 months old and is only sleeping 3-4 hours at a time during the night. Does anyone have any tips on how to get her sleeping longer? We feed her right before, bathe...

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Started by Jordan on 11/25/2008 in Moms Under 30

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Bedtime and how long your baby sleeps

Just curious as to what time other moms put their 8 month old babies to bed and how long they usually sleep at night. My daughter turned 8 months on the 15th of November so she...

Started by Allison on 12/06/2010 in March 2010 Babies

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Any ones else's baby not sleeping through?

My son is 9 months and still wont sleep through the night. He will still wake up for an extra bottle in the middle of the night or early morning and he is very restless through...

Started by Julie on 01/31/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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How do you put your baby to sleep?

How many times does he/she wake up at night? And how do you comfort your baby back to sleep. My baby boy is 5 months now, over 19lb and EBF. I nurse him to sleep and since a...


sleeping through the night

My daughter is is 17 months and is still not sleeping through the night. I would like some suggestions to try. My husband and I both work so the easy solution is to bring her...


10 Baby Things You May Not Know You Need

I have some very good friends that are pregnant for the first time or have just had new babies themselves, and although I'm still new at this and learning more every day, in...

Started by Nicki on 10/16/2009 in Expecting

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Music Recommendations

OK, I admit it, I am a music snob. I can't stand the typical children's music out there for babies (Baby Einstein, etc). I was appalled when I heard my favorite classical...


Baby born 4/22/09- still getting no sleep...

Im wondering how much sleep you other new moms are getting because Im not getting very much at all still almost 6 weeks later. I probably get an average of 3-4 hours of sleep a...

Started by Grael on 05/31/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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