bedtime help!!!

i am desperate! my son is 14 months old and he will not sleep in his crib. he will nap for about an hour, then he wakes up screaming. we have tried the cry it out method, three...


Road Trip

We're taking our first road trip to MD from VA next week nad i'm kind of nervous. I almost feel guilty for leaving her in the carseat for that long. Any Advise


Is it ok to let me 11 month old watch tv??

In the morning when my son wakes up we usuallyy hang out and play in the living room i always put on PBS for him. He loooves Sid the Science Kid and Super Why! The second he...

Started by Nichole on 05/11/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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Car seat drama!!!

My 4 month old hates her car seat. We have tried toys, bottle, sitting with her. music, soother, singing, putting her to sleep before we put her in even. But she still cries. It...


i cant do this!

so i came home from a trip i was gone for 5 days my husband and i..my 6 month old was fine the first night we got home and slept like he normally does..but hes fussy and i know...


Hospital Traumatization Question

Our 5 month old son just spent 3 days and nights in the hospital with viral pneumonia. He's home and doing much better sickness-wise, but seems to be completely traumatized...


To everyone, please read!!!

I am writing this because I am offended by some mothers thinking it is OK to talk to other adults in a tackless, condencending manner. This site is one of openess and...


to much energy??

my son is 17months old, he WILL NOT sleep till 2am and then wakes up at 7am. he has no naps during the day because he has way too much energy. he screams and screams until i...