Twin speech development

Hi, I am just curious, I have twin boys 20months old. One has maybe 20 words the other doesn't speak. They don't speak much to each other but love to talk baby talk to me. Both...

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Now I'm a boob mom. I don't mind the commitment at all and the bond is just to incredible to explain although with my first I would have been helpful in preparing if I had know...

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42 - Pregnant or Peri

I am 42 and earlier this year was confirmed to be in perimenopause. I was dumb-founded. I'd just met a gentleman and things were great between us and I actually could see us...


How do I help my son to trust me

My son is 24years old now and he still seems to hide issues from me, in which issues I found out later he should have shared with me at early days to get my help/support,...

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I am venting here. There is a mother who posted about her four year old talking back. She fills his mouth with soap in response, liquid and bar, which many mothers agreed with....


Discipline for Toddlers

In the new CoM Roundup, they have an article called 6 Tips for Dealing with Naughty Behavior. http://www.circleofmoms.com/article.php?article_id=182&trk=topic_list_title...

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How do I get rid of the Binky?

My son justed turned 2 on Jan. 24, he wants the Binky now more than ever before. When I tell him that maybe the Binky is lost he says "Mommy I need it!!!!" and then I just give...


motherhood attachment

ever since my daughter was born almost 14 months ago, she has been surrounded by people. We started taking her out daily at 3 weeks, and all of this to ensure that she turns out...


Is a party really needed for a 3 year old?

My daughter is turning 3 in August and I was wondering if a party is really a nessesity? We live out in the country, and there are no kids out here her age. We go into town for...

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Do you nap much lately?

Since 6 weeks pregnant I have been super TIRED all the time. Having a 3 yr old and 19 month old I figured I was just exhausted... Till I started napping with them LOL! Coffee...

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I am newly single. I have 2 boys 10 & 7. I have always had both male & female friends so I didn't much think about it. I don't plan on introducing anyone to the boys as a...

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Early Risers

My son has always waken up early like 5 am but every once in awhile he would go in spurts like for a week he would wake up at 6 and i would think he was starting to sleep...

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Is it wrong to force your kid..

Santa. Some kids are cool with him, others give the impression his lap is made of razor wire and closet monsters Example A:...

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my son being abused by his father

my son was recently abused by his father because my son wasnt babysitting his two younger siblings so his father and his gf could play video games... any advice from anyone whos...


Discipline method PLEASE

I need a method of disciplin for my 16 month old. He throws tantrums that are just awful. I know that he doesn't really mean any harm, he just wants to do what he wants to...