I want to know what the one suggestion is you would give to a young couple in order to keep a happy healthy marriage. It can be a suggestion you would give the husband, or give...


Horrible husbands/fathers??

Well, My husband is addicted to facebook games. Like poker and farm town. When his first baby was born in he did EVERYTHING for her. He stayed up all night and then worked 12-14...


Hormones Suck!

Perimenapause is so unfair! Here I am talking about it:

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COM's.....helpful or not??

Do you think COM's has been helpful to you or not?? I've found it to be a bit of both. Some parts (like our groups haha!) have been great! Other times, it seems like COM's is...

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rules of marriage???

I was wondering, how many of us have a clear understanding of what is expected in our marriages? do we make our expectations known to our spouses? do we sit down and talk...


Special School Programs

I am gonna vent just a little here. My sons will be 3 & 4 in Feb 09. My older one JB was put into a program called PLACE in our county in FL, b/c of his issues-mostly...


What would u have done??

My bf works crazy hours and of course is tired all the time (no big).. well, when i went into labor, my boyfriend got off work at 3pm.. and came home and took a nap cuz i was...


Dont no where to turn

Hi my name is sarah i have 3 beutiful little girls, and my mom disowned me because i my children were not English, i really wish i could have a mom in my life, someone to turn...

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Bio mom sends clothes that are too small???

So my SD's mother always sends clothes that are too small for her and ALWAYS sends the same stuff every weekend. We have ask her if she needs new clothes but she just says...

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Any foodie blog moms??

I love finding new food blogs and I'm wondering if any of you have one? If you don't food blog, do you have any favorite food blogs that you follow? I recently started one...


The Railroad Life

Hey All, I'm new to the circle so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is April. I have 3 homeschooled kids and a husband who works for Union Pacific Railroad. Anyone...


Special needs on two fronts!!!!!

I have experience as the parent a highly gifted child. My six year old daughter was very advanced verbally even as a young baby. She was almost fluent in our own baby signs by 5...


Growth Spurt?

I have a 4 month old daughter named Rebekah Anne. She got her shots about 3 days ago and has not slept through the night since and is also teething and will hopefully get her...

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