Is it just me?

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there want to tear of Pelosi's perma-grin while she lies through her teeth? Sorry - I just got my Irish up today....


Single moms by choice

Okay, folks, time for some serious, ethical-type debate. I read a few other parenting websites and when this subject comes up, it quickly turns into a personal attack on anyone...

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Strawberry hemangioma

My daughter has a strawberry hemangioma on her forehead. She was not born with it, but is showed up about 2 wks. after she was born. Does anyone here have a baby with one of...

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I had never gotten them before I had my son...and now all of a sudden I get them all the time...and they are so bad, I have a hard time functioning. Has anyone else had this...

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Correcting toiletting issues in a 7 yr old

I have a wowee of a question. Our 7 and a half year old refuses to go to the toilet, choosing instead to wet her pants wherever she is. We have just had three fully wet (down...

Started by Kim on 07/25/2009 in School-Age Kids

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Help - engorgement

Has anyone had this experience.... My daughter is now 10 weeks old and breastfeeding has been going well...she's gaining weight well and thriving, but this weekend,...

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Hi there! Are there any mothers out there who have broken the swaddle habit? I am trying as we speak and it is not going well. My daughter (who is 4 months) sleeps FANTASTIC...

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Diaper Rash Help!!!

Help!!! I feel so bad for my little guy. Owen is 5 and a half months and we have never had so much as any redness from birth until a few weeks ago...as soon as he cut his...

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...starting a scrapbook...

so, i'm starting a family scrapbook and i'm completely lost!! i've never really done one on my own. my husband and i married in april and he's deployed now. he could totally...

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We have a date!

This being my 2nd, our local hospital does not allow VBAC's so I've been scheduled for a repeat c-section. I am originally due August 2, but will be going through a c-section on...

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not sure what to do??

hi mums my son matthew is 21mths old he used to be so happy and cheerful and go with just about anyone..well that has turned around i cant even leave the room or leave him with...


My 4 and a half year old now acting very bratty!

The last few weeks my daughter has been really having an attitude, being very sassy and uncooperative and not listening. She's always been high spirited but lately she is really...

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