Detaching from

I know you guys probably get sick of reading about my emotional issues....sorry! I don't care if anyone reads this, I just need to type it. I'm detaching from my loved...


how do I guide my child , but not control her?

my child has very different life from mine. I know how to love her but I feel overwhelmed and powerless to hear her problems. she is 18 teenager adult. she wants privacy,...

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Why do I feel this way?????

I don't know how to stop feeling so angry and hurt. My SS's BM is such a dead beat. She doesn't do ANYTHING for her son unless she HAS to or it in some way helps her. She...

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being a step parent!

I have a 10yr old stepdaughter whom I love deeply! I have been with my fiance for over 5yrs now and have known them for even longer. Now let me begin by saying this is not a...

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How do you deal with the occasional guilt? It seems like I'm always saying "No". My 17 - almost 18 year old has been a problem kid for a while. He's not going to school as much...

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Hi. my name is Rachael

Hi, My name is Rachael MacSwain. I am a 28 year old mother of one. I live in Montague ,PEI. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy when I was 17. I had the symptoms for probably 6...


Any input would be much appreciated!

This is my first time reaching out for input from anyone other than friends or family (none of whom have been in my shoes as far as being a step mom goes). So without going...

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Emotionally burned out mom of a two year old

I chose to keep her when i was fifteen. I had her when I was sixteen. I still went to high school. I still had friends. My life isnt like the 16 and pregnant shows i see on...

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Dealing with other (angry) moms

I just need to vent and am grateful to have a place to do it without causing collateral damage! My three and six year old sons and I live in a townhouse complex with a play area...

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Disabled mom: to help others understand

I've been reading posts about mom's who are annoyed with hubbies, annoyed with inability to work, angry because the boss doesn't get it, or that hubbies parked his @rse on the...

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