Baby Shower Etiquette...

Can someone please tell me what is the Baby Shower Etiquette no a days. When I had my eldest 2 children 15 and 13 years ago the rule was at the time you only had a baby shower...

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Gift etiquette

I was just wondering something. I got a crib bedding set from my husbands cousin at my baby shower but even though it has butterfly's on it like I want for the theme in my...


Baby Shower

My daughter is 13 months and I am due in March with my second child...a son. I saved all of my girl stuuf just in case but have no boy stuff at all. I know most of the time...

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Baby Shower

Did you have a baby shower with your second child? Plus did you throw it? I had a son and my family threw it for me, but I am not sure if I should have another since a lot of...


Baby Showers

Is it ok to have a second baby shower? I actually had twins the first time around. A boy and a girl. Now you ask why I need to have another shower. I wasn't planning to have any...

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Baby Showers

Ok, so do you all think it's inappropriate to have baby showers for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, child? Do you think it's inappropriate for someone to host their own baby shower? Just...

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A question of etiquette: Unpredictable schedules

I have a few friends who work unpredictable work schedules, and I never know when will be a good time to call them. Their schedules are so fluid that they never know when it...

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No baby shower:(

Is it selfish of me to be upset that nobody in my family(or my husband's) will throw me a baby shower? This is my 2nd baby but my 1st son and I do have all of the baby...

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Baby Shower for Baby #3

What's your opinion on having a baby shower for Baby #3. My opinion is that it's not necessary to receive gifts for a 2nd or 3rd baby but I think each baby is a blessing &...


Baby shower for the second baby?

Hello, I was always under the impression that the baby shower is to either welcome the baby or celebrate the expected arrival of the baby. I'm now pregnant with my second child...


Multiple baby shower?

I was wondering if having a baby shower w/ a second or third child is considered tacky? I've been curious to see what others thought on the matter. If you already have a child...

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Baby shower for second baby??

I am pregnant with my second baby, it is a girl. My son is almost 18 months old, so not very old. Most of the big stuff we got for him is gender neutral as we knew we were...

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Step-Mother's and Wedding Etiquette

I was reading a few articles online the other day about what proper wedding etiquette a stepmother should follow, if there is any. In both of the articles I read, they mentioned...

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Only 1 Baby shower

Yes you read it right. Etiquette says you only get one baby shower. There are exceptions to the rule. A number of years between children and not getting a shower the first...


2nd Baby shower

Has any other moms with more than one child have a baby shower for both? I wanted one for my 2nd son and I get critized so much I called it off! I know its not tradition but I...