How far would the Average person go???

So, as you can see a number of "low income" [specifically the projects] threads are circulating. So how far would the average person go if your children were starving?? Do...

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Ungrateful, Disrespectful Attitude

My 13 year old daughter is constantly being unfriendly and negative. Unfortunately its not just her age. Despite being raised in a God loving, home by myself and my mother...

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Public displays of emotion.

Have you ever been present when a couple or parent and child/teen etc. who you do not know are having a very heated exchange complete with language and screaming and tears etc.?...

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Jealous husbands

I'm curious about how your husband/partner/boyfriend feels about you going out without him. Neither my husband nor I are jealous people, so we both feel comfortable going out...

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We are not alone!

I went though the postpartum depression so I started seeing a Therapist! Does anyone sometimes feel like they just need to scream shout just talk about what is bothering us the...



I was just curious how other families handle "Santa" at Christmas. We are Christian and want to teach our children the religious meaning behind Christmas, but growing up I...

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Share something about yourself...

Hi cool moms!! It just occurred to me that it would be interesting to share a little more about who we all are. For example, I'm 36, married (got married in Kauai in 2008),...

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Is my 9 month old eating enough?

I was just wondering what kind of feeding schedule your babies are on. My sons eating habits have gone haywire since he started cutting teeth about a month ago. Its a struggle...

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barely 20 and terrible father

I had my son when i was 19 and 3 days later i turned 20. I live with my grandparents and work a minum wage job. I barely have money coming in. When i was 5 months pregnant the...


Desperately need...

advice on splitting up waking up with the baby in the middle of the night. My daughter has recently started waking up around 4-6 am and ready to play. I am a sahm BUT I do...

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men just don't get it!

my boyfriend thinks it is hard to go to work all day and come home late where his spends no time with his son or me. I take care of everything from cleaning, laundry, feedings,...

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Here's A Weird Question

Have any of you been dissed by your friends who have went on to have their 2nd kid? We have two sets of couples that we hung around quite a bit with. They both had one kid,...


Pacifier removal failure

So...my daughter is 3 years old and still has a pacifier. We tried taking it away (she threw it away herself after she had chewed a hole in it) about 3 days ago. Since then she...


'Me' time.

Do you think having time away from being 'mummy' is important?? Do you think you gave up the right to have fun once you've had a child?? Do you love taking your kids...

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Delayed Grieving?

After routine ultrasounds and doctors telling me all looked normal with my little girl. I gave birth one week early to a little boy with Trisomy 13. He had a double cleft lip...



I have a 3 and a half year old daughter, Maggie. Since she was 11 months old, she has been very defiant, selfish, and out right MEAN. Being a stay at home mom, she has been...