anyne use sunblock before 6 months?

If we are outside (at a playground or something where there is minimal shade) with my 2 year old and my 4 month old wants to be held or be in the baby bjorn, I put sunblock on...


Taking baby to the beach

I'm taking my 7 month old to the beach-I have sun dome, sun block, jugs is water to wash off sand....any other suggestions? Ive never taken a baby to the beach and want it to be...



We are taking my son to Hawaii in a few months, he will be 8 months old. He has extremely sensitive skin. What sunscreen should I use on him that won't cause any reaction? (we...

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Sunscreen and babies

http://www.huggies.com.au/BeingAParent/Health/SunProtection/Sunscreen.asp Sunscreen Getting dressed for the beach Cancer Council NSW Sun Smart Logo What’s in sunscreen and...

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How much sun is too much?

I was just curious my little guy is 16.5 months and he loves being outside and hates being indoors. I am just worried that he could be getting to much sun.... I have sunblock...


Sunscreen for baby???

Okay we live in FL and it has been 93 degrees. I have a 2 1/2 year old and am in the pool a lot with him. I am itching to get my 3 month old in briefly but would feel more...


sun block

Just wondering if anyone out there has used sun block on their baby and if so what kind


Alright Mamas!!

Who is taking there children swimming this hot summer?? I know I am, living in Arizona is a must do!! Believe me. But how early can you take them swimming? And how many times do...

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Why don't people hats on their babies???

I live in Victoria and it's been very sunny and warm the past few days. On my street there's a playground and all day long there's a string of mommies with their babies, 1 or 2...

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I purchased Aveeno baby sunscreen for my almost 13 month old. Lotions have often given him a rash so I was concerned about sunscreen and went for a gentle type. He broke out...

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Baby suffers burns while mum sunbakes...

A five-month-old baby suffered burns to 20 percent of his body while his mother was sunbaking on an English beach. The little boy received the horrific burns at the beach in...

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help with sun cream

ive got a 6 year old little boy hes a natural red head its been really hot and he wants to be in garden and outdoors all the time like any kid does ive applied sun cream factor...

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