death of a child

I have lost 2 children, my daughter Kelly died in 98 following a brain aneurism, leaving me to bring up her 7month old baby Dylan, who is now 11, and then in 2004 my son Damien...



im emma im 24 and have 2 sons born in october just 3 weeks short of a year between them ive got my work cut out lol



My three month old boy doesn't want to sleep he just stay awake, what can I do to get him to sleep??


Hi All

Hi my name is Vanessa Forster and I'm a very lucky Mum to 3 beautiful children...Hannah is 9yrs, Ella is 3yrs and Sam is 18mths...I'm married to a wonderful man, Steve, he's a...

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postnatal depression

I have a three month old who i love so much and makes me so happy. Lately ive been having panic attacks and have been diagnosed with pnd. I thought u only got that straight...


Hello, new here............

hello, im sarah! i was due at the end of march and ended up having my second little boy on april 1st...just like i thought i would!!!! he was 9lbs 4.2ozs and 21 inches long. he...

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Hiyez. I'm Cat and common! I have 3 kids, Tabby 5, Sam 21 months and 7 week old Harley. I speak fluent Cbeebies and can sing any song on the baby channel. Currently on mat...


Triplets...Tate, Teely and Jackson

hi! i'm a new mom to triplets, born on october 14, 2008. They were born 6 weeks premature at 34 weeks gestation. Tate (boy) was first at 4 lbs, 13 oz., Teely (girl) was...

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. My name is Melissa Summers & I had a baby boy 3 days after Christmas. His name is Colton & he is really precious. We had a tough go of...


new to the group

I have three boys. Shane is 5 1/2, William will be two in may and Gavin will be one in May as well. Shane was diagnosed with ADHD last fall. He takes his meds every day and it's...



Hey everyone I am new to this circle of moms and think that it is pretty neat. I am a mom of a beautiful daughter born on Sept. 21, 2007. I live in Michigan with my fiance and...


family on a budget

We decide each pay period how much we want to spend and divide it by the amount of days til next pay period. Then we spend that amount, or less each day. Whatever we dont...

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bowel movements changing

My three month old has stared to poop less, once a day or once every two days. And the texture has changed from being kinda runny to more like peanut butter and with a stronger...


My weight

I had my 5th baby in december and the weight just doesnt seem to be going anywhere...I now weigh more than ever ...My oldest is 15 and the youngest is 5 months...Help !!!!


mother of organ donor

my son was 4 1/2 months old when he passed. we made the decision to donate his organs. his heart went to a little boy in arizona. i now have the extraordinary privilege of...