My name is Casey. I am a single mother of 3. I guess I should just put it out there that my husband ended our marriage for a 23 year-old girl when I was 12 weeks pregnant. So...


I am new here

Hi ladies~ Just found you gals and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Nikki and I had my little boy on April 27th, the day before my birthday, talk about the best...

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Hi, my name is Dawn. I will be turning 42 on January 1st, and I have an adorable 4 mo old baby girl named Daleah (Da-Lee-A)....she is the love of my life. I have no other...

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My little 2007 Bundle of Joy

My son Ian was born October 13, 2007. When he is 10 years old his birthday will be on friday the 13th! :( He was 9weeks premature when he was born. Ian stayed in the NICU for 1...


previous milk supply?

Everyone gave such great feedback for my last question...I figured I'd ask another! My first son is almost 4 now. I did not breastfeed him, but would like to give it a whirl...



Does anyone else use Kushies diapers? I have tried them and I like them a lot but they are a bit pricey. Are there some just as good alternatives that are not so expensive?


washing dolls

Today as I was cleaning in the storage room, I came across my girls Cabbage Patch kids. They of course are dirty, just lying around our there. Has anyone ever watched one of...



hi my name is nicki and my son payton was born on 2/29/08! he is such a great baby. i am looking forward to his first birthday...well not technically his true birthday, but you...

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Does your little one have a favorite toy???

Hi my name is Jessica , my baby boy will be 7 month old tomorrow. He started crawling went he was 5 month and at that time, I have started to put differents toys on the floor....

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hi im due 10 march 09

its my 6th baby and was told it was another boy and i cant think of any good names has any one got any that i could use.. iv got 3 boys already and 2 girls..

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2 months + teething?

I recognise the signs of teething from my other 2 children, but I am thinking baby Lucas is too young to be teething yet. He sometimes has red cheeks, off his milk a bit and...


Separation Anxiety - please help!

My 8 month old daughter won't let me out of her sight. She won't go to anyone else except for my husband or I - any suggestions to help break this severe separation anxiety?...

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Weight loss

My baby girl lost heaps of weight after she was born the health nurse wanteed me to take her to a specalist, but then she started to gain weight slowly, now she's 9 months old...


Hello, Im new!

HI, I am Lynda, 43 years mature! with an adorable 11 month old boy--Isaac. I am enjoying motherhood all over again for the third time twenty years later! and.....I am a grandma...


28 and expecting my 3rd

I am having a hard time with this pregnancy...My first two pregnancy's were easy and very uneventful. This one has given me morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion...and more....

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