new to t1 (Help!!!!)

my daughter was just dx 4 mos ago and she is now 19 mos old. this journey in my life has been the hardest that ive ever been faced with...i cant help but wonder and ask god why...


What do you carry in your purse?

Just for fun! I carry: my wallet, change purse, tissues, hand sanitizer, make-up, gum, lighter, cigarettes, receipts, sunglasses, toys, planner(2), coupons, eye drops, candy,...

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what to reward your child with

my son thought it was a good idea that he wants to pee and poop on the potty as of last night. what do people give as a reward when the do go? he gets excited when he does go...

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So this is kind of a spinoff of the 'Going in your purse' thread. What do you have in your purse??

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quitting smoking

need and want to quit smoking, i now i cant just quit on my own, any suggestions on how to do it or anything to take to help


clipping toe nails

My son is almost 19 months old and he does not like getting his toe nails clipped...he became so upset last time we got his nails that he made himself throw-up!!! Does anyone...

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Potty training troubles!

My daughter will be 3 in just over a month, and she's been successfully potty training since August. Lately though we've been having an issue I don't knopw what to do about....

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Tips on flying with a year old?

Me and my 12 month old are traveling to England (alone) one stop in Detroit, and I'm wondering what moms who have traveled recommend to bring? He has his own seat, should I...


Food used as positive reinforcement

I don't use candy or other food as a reward for positive behaviours. Too many snacks can set your child up to develop cavities, diabetes and obesity. Instead, my husband and...

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A mother's confession

I hate using bubbles in my sons bath because it's a pain in the ass to rinse him off after you've drained the tub and there's a mountain of bubbles left...so most of the time I...

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