Son with Bidcuspid Aortic Valve.

I have a son with a bicuspid aortic valve.he is 12 months old and they said he will at some point have to at least have the balloon procedure. Does any mom's have advice or can...


Son born with aortic stenosis

My son Elijah was born with a heart murmur that was orginally thought to be harmless, as time passed his Dr started to get concerned so we were sent to a cardiologist. At his...


AS with Aortic Regurgitation

My son was diagnosed with AS at birth. He has been very lucky to have had no problems with it at all, even surprised the doctor. However a year ago his doctor noticed he had...


How painful is an amniocentisis?

I'm 35 weeks pregnant, but my doctor is during an amniocentisis in 2 weeks to see if my daughter's lung are developed enough to deliever early. But I'm nervous about how painful...


Mitral Stenosis

Hi, I've just joined this site. Was wanting to know if anyone out their has a child with congenital Mitral Stenosis? My son is 13months old. At 9 days old he got taken to...

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