Barefoot Books...Opportunties

Good Evening All Mommies!! I have been off and on COM's for the past couple of moms, but summer is coming to an end and I think I will eventually have some more "me time" and...

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Great Children's Books!

If you are looking for great children's books and gift...here is a website that has all sorts of books and gifts at affordable prices! I absolutely love Barefoot Books!...

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Booking Ideas

Does anybody have any great booking ideas??? I am having a little trouble in that department. www.signaturehomestyles.biz/AG32


Are there any pagan books for children out there?

I know there must be some form of picture book or story book out there geared toward children about our beliefs. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find them? Or any...

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does anyone know of any legit work from home jobs i am super desperate you can even email me at s_o_00@hotmail.com please help

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Does your baby wear shoes?

I have always heard that it is better for babies to go barefoot for the most part. I almost never put shoes on my daughter and she is 14 months old and walking. Sometimes I...

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Hello everybody my name is Nicole and I am mother to a 4 year old little girl named Kaitlin. Just wanted to say hello to everybody and hopefully we can get this group bigger!

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Hi.... I just wanted to welcome you to Living as a single mother.\n\nI am glad you have accepted my invitation and look forward to talking with you soon.\n\nSmile..... In every...


This or That -Game

Ok I am sure everyone knows the game you answer a this or that with what you choose then put up a new one. Pepsi or coke?

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kitchen and the bedroom

So my husband said that a woman's place is the kitchen and the bedroom, he said that since our kitchen is directly under our bedroom he's gonna install a pole so that i can...

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work online

i want to start making money online, but every site i go to is asking for money if i had it i wouldnt need this. any ideas?

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Working from home

I will be a stay at home when my little one is born, I also go to school on line for my master's in teaching I would like to work from home as well to make money to help my...

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Quirks!!! Do you have any???

Yes, I have lots but I bet that is no shock to any of you. ha ha. My biggest one is I dont like my hubby to actually SEE me do house work. I would rather do it when he isnt...

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Autism worry?

My child is 17 month old, born one month early. She has met all milestones on time, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. However, I've noticed some quirks that I...

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