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Progressive pet care

So I always used to do everything my dr told me, I thought a dr was practically infallible. Now I've found many many things I disagree with drs on. I don't blindly trust drs...

Started by Merry on 12/11/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 12/14/2011 by ~♥Little Miss


Was BF in the wrong?

ok a little explaination. SD goes to visit with BM this Sunday for two weeks this is BF weekend BM had her all last weekend. BF will only have SD 1 weekend for the month of...

Started by Amy on 05/25/2010 in Step Moms

Last update on 06/08/2010 by Amy


bf babies?!

Just wondering if any other mother are exclusively breastfeeding.!? Our son is 4 months now, and weighs almost 16 pounds. It's hard knowing how much milk he is getting..he eats...


BF and depression :(

Just to make things clear I do not have postpartum psychosis. I have never ever once felt like harming or neglecting my children. They are my world and they are the reason I...

Started by Kelsi on 01/31/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 02/14/2011 by Jennifer


Just Checking In

There hasn't been any activity on the site for a while. I was wondering how everyone was doing. Has anyone had their baby yet? Do you want to share stories about your homebirth...

Started by Heather on 08/26/2009 in Homebirth Moms

Last update on 01/03/2010 by Heather


Checks and Balances

My husband and I were discussing the mega-wealthy, prompted by a discussion about Warren Buffet and Rupert Murdoch. I stated that the mega-wealthy should have to pay more in...


Birth Plans & Such....

Did you have a birth plan before you delivered? Who did you have with you for the birth itself, just your partner, your mom, or the whole neighborhood? Did you just take the...

Started by Mary on 06/26/2009 in Hot Topics

Last update on 06/26/2009 by Ez


Check in!

Hi All! Just want to see how everyone has been doing. It has been a tough few months for me. I've been tired, sick, sore, dealing with new allergies, and general stress. I'm...


Checking In...

Hello everyone! I have been a little quiet in this community, but I am very interested to see how everyone is progressing in her pregnancies. My little one has been moving about...


Planned Pregnancies.

This is just a little rant, not putting anyone down, just getting it off of my chest. As I have been reading around this site, there seems to be ALOT of extremely young girls...


Please help me BF my 17mo

Ok so i am a huge advocate of breastfeeding..i had my first child 17 mo ago and i am recieving tons and tons of pressure to wean him. we are dwn to 2 feedings 1 in the am and 1...

Started by Jennnifer on 04/15/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 04/29/2010 by Bih


Pregnant while BF??

Just wondering if any mom's have become pregnant while BF. I have heard that it was possible and I have heard that it wasn't.

Started by Illyssa on 03/31/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 04/09/2010 by Rachel


BF questions :D

Hi everyone! I'm planning on BF'ing once peanut is born, but since this is my first baby I have no idea what to expect! So I have a few concerns that weren't answered in the...


BF's daughter bullying baby!

My boyfriend and I have a 12m old son, and my bf has a 23m old daughter from a previous relationship. (His ex left him right after getting pregnant and we started dating soon...

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Started by MamaTo3 on 10/17/2010 in Step Moms

Last update on 10/26/2010 by Anna


How to BF in public?

I can't seem to get my son latched on under a blanket so I end up flashing everyone. He will let me cover him up after he is on and eating but while I'm trying to get him on the...

Started by Taylor on 06/24/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 07/03/2010 by Becky


Extended exclusive BF

Does anyone have any experience exclusively BF beyond a year? How did that work out for you? When did you start to make a shift toward solid foods? What made you decide to...

Started by Jennifer on 03/11/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 03/12/2010 by Jennifer


how to properly BF with big breast?

I know that this sounds wierd but I dont know how to properly bf my son and make sure he gets enough mik because my breast are so heavy and its hard to hold him and support my...

Started by Stephanie on 01/18/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 01/20/2010 by Tannis


MIL critized me for BF still

My Mother in Law said "what you still nursing Lilly?" My daughter turns one next week. My daughter nurses during the night and a couple times during the day. I love nursing her...

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Started by Nanette on 09/14/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 09/27/2010 by Jessie

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