wives vs strippers...

So i was watching a comedy show...Chris rock to be exact..he is funny..anywho...he said this.."a strippers job is to entertain a married man..his wife will take care of him, but...

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Are all babies clingy?

I have been reading a lot of posts from frazzled mothers who's babies will not let them put them down. They want to be held all day long making it difficult for moms to do...


When to start cereal and fruit?

Just wondering how old your baby was when you started feeding them cereal and then fruits. My doctor wanted me to start my daughter on cereal at 2 months, but I thought that was...


Trying to find an answer

My almost 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago. Her pediatrician tried all the meds available and we have not seen an improvement in her, so he sent us...


Mothers with broken dreams and spirits?

I never really had a great childhood growing up, never had that carefree moment in my life as a teen either.. Im 18, with a 2 year old toddler and another on the way. Highschool...

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Over Bearing Mother in Laws.

When I first started dating my fiance, I LOVED his Mother and I LOVED his whole family. We got along great. We had always done stuff together, she'd invite us to diner....


real life vs. DM

i was wondering as i reading some of these post and the comments, how many of us are like this in real life?..both good or bad..what i mean is... Are we as passionate in real...

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What should my one year old be eating??

My son will be one on March 18, he is eating cereal and a fruit in the morning, then some cheerios, home made veggies made with chicken at lunch, and some fruit and cereal again...

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So Anxious, is anyone else?

This is my second child, my first will be 2 in a little over a week. Is anyone else feeling really anxious about having their baby. I feel as though I am ready to be in labor...


Starting Cereal...need advice

I'm not sure why I can't quite wrap my head around how to start solids. My son is 5 and half months and exclusively breastfed. We're going to try cereal this weekend. My...


Potty training help PLEASe

Hey ladies, I could use your help. Ive started potty training my daughter. Ive tried the pullup and those doesnt work she just think its a diaper and pee in it. So we are...

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kinda personal but important

i don't really know how to start this question..i feel my marriage is falling apart before it has even begun my husband and i, actually i should rephrase that, my fiance and i...

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I am a mommy, but not married.

I found out i was pregnant last year around this time. David (the dad) and i weren't really together. infact, we didn't get together until christmas eve. it was a complete shock...