Low bone density in son - what next?

My 6 year old celiac son had a routine bone density check over a month ago (his GI doctor orders one between 6-7 years of age to check to see if undiagnosed celiac caused any...


Short long bones

Hi, We are currently awaiting genetic blood results for our son born 30-01-09. My pregnancy scans showed he had short long bones. His femurs were 6wks behind everything else....


Depo shot- calcium defeciences

I have a question about the depo shot for everyone that knows anything about it. Is it true that you shouldnt take it for more than 2 years because it takes calcium out of...

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Another Day

I went to the doctor today as I felt terrible. I've been getting migraines 3 days a week or so, all winter. The doctor had started me on Proponolol on Monday for it, and it's...


Miscarriage from Faulty Info

I just want to get my story out in case it helps. I had my first son February 14 2009. Was so thrilled but didn't get info about the birth control I decided to take after I...


is anyone on the injection?

cant remember the name of it, every 3month at top of the bum? anyone had problems with it? im having a really hard time with it at the minute, due for my 5th in august and...


I have a question please help

I notice when I take my birth control, I feel like a different person. I am moody, mad, upset and frustrated at everything. I am not happy at all. I am supposed to take my first...

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Universal health care - thoughts?

Not to pick on Sherri (seriously, I'm not), but a comment in the abortion thread made me wonder: "I agree with everything you say Krista except I am also 100% against...

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Low Milk Supply Tips

This is a frequent question and many moms have some great advice. Please post any tips you have on increasing milk supply.

Started by Chelseaszidik on 10/20/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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I feel like I'm dying! Please help!

I will try to make this short and to the point. If I don't get help my kids are going to suffer even more because they will not have the mom they deserve. I really need some...