Is my son developing slower then he should?

I am a young mom[21] and I have a 2.5 year old, only child. Poor thing had 2 seizures when he was 14 months old. One lasted only 3min. the other lasted 45min. It is a miracle he...

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Confidence boost

I never realised just how much my boy needs his daddy around. My husband had been home for 8 weeks the whole year, never home for more than a week at a time. Then he came home...


He doesn't know many words :(

Read at 18 months my son should know 10-50 words? Saw a social worker and she recommended speech therapy. I figured he was just taking his time... but now I'm worried about him...



My daughter is so frustrating, She won't sound words with out me doing it to. She hate's ready books if i haven't read them first. But then she memorizes it and she won't even...


Your baby can read ?

I've regularly seen this "Your baby can read" program advertised on tv and was just wondering if anyone has tried it and what they thought of it?


Not Talking Yet...

My little girl will be 2 tomorrow and she is saying very little... I know she understands things and she uses body language and chatters/babbles/sings a lot but she doesn't seem...


Do any of you sign with your babies?

My daughter is 11 months old and we enjoy learning America Sign Language together. She knows over 10 signs now and speaks 5 words. She is now stringing together two-word...

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