Paranoid or Prudent?

I have a friend who is very vigilant about avoiding any and all substances that can cause cancer or other kinds of diseases. Obviously BPA is not to be found in her home....

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15weeks early..............twins

Hi i am a new mum i was a mum of twin boys Max and Jake, Max died at one day old as he was so prem. Jake is still in a hospital 82miles away from me, i am just wondering if any...


My Toddlers Tantrum is Not my Fault

Re-Posted from Cafemom Hear that gawking bystanders and judgmental old ladies? That tantrum my daughter is throwing in the middle of the store at decibels high enough to crack...

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feeling like a single mom

Yesterday I had a friend helping me clean and she was asking whether or not we will have more kids. I said no because as it is right now I feel like a single mom and I don't...


breastfed babies "want mom" more

Do you think it's true that breastfed babies are just naturally going to wake up more in the night and cry for Mom just because they love the comfort of breastfeeding? I've...

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what in the world.....

so i have a question for you ladies... Let's say your daughter gets pregnant as a teen. Would you allow her boyfriend to move in the house with her??? I was watching the new...

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how much should she be talking?!

my daughter is only say a hand full of words. hi bye kitty doggie no uh oh and thats about it.. is there anyone else that is having those problems..?! she is very intelagnant...


In Defense of Doctors

Maybe it's because I grew up with universal healthcare and profit never seemed to be much of a driver in the medical profession in Holland, but I'm always stunned and somewhat...

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Anyone have a blended family?

What are peoples opinions on blended families? Do you think that children from blended families will always be worse off than children from intact families or do you think it...


What would you do?

This is a rather long story but I will sum it up. My daughter's father and I came to an agreement, despite what I was wanting to accomplish, legally a few months ago. Since...


smoking while pregnant

I am a mother of 2 with one on the way. I stopped smoking with the first 2 but can't seem to quit this time around. I am depressed the closer I get to my due date the worst it...


Stay at home mommy, bored and feeling down

I feel better reading all of your post's. I am home so much alone with my sweet little 12 month old. I am lucky to be able to stay home but am now realizing how hard it really...

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My Mother & Sister-in-Law Hate Me

I need serious help!!! It all started about a year ago when my son was just a small baby. My Mother-in-Law was sharing information about him that I was not comfortable with so...

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