baby girl is miserable with tummy troubles!

Please help if you have experienced this issue! My 14 week old daughter is EBF. She has been suffering from food intolerances since birth. We have found she is intolerant to...

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MIL and babysitting

I have a 4 month old daughter now. Before she was born, I had a friendly relationship with my mother in law, but the day she was born changed everything. I had a difficult...


Money Issues

So, if you are in a relationship, who is in control of the money? What sort of issues do you run into and how do you handle them? I am in charge of the finances at my...

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Government Assistance

Ok, Yea I don't have children but my boyfriend has three. I got in a car wreck because my brakes failed and I totaled my car. I had to quit my job because I was working 1st...



Hey Y'all~ Sorry I haven't been around! Things have been crazy around here and so I have only focused on a few things. I really miss chatting with y'all though and hope some...

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Making Grandma Happy

This is more of an "ask for" advice than a debate. However, I think it could be turned into an example for a broader question worthy of a debate. My MIL is a bit troubled....

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first time mom jitters

I'm 26 and a first time mom due in 6 days. I've read every book and magazine that I got ahold of and am freaking out becuase I feel like I have no idea whats going on! I know...

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is motherhood what you expected it to be?

After experiencing just over two months of motherhood now, I am realizing it is not exactly what I expected. During my pregnancy, I pictured everyday to be perfect. Everyday my...

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How, when, to talk adoption

Our adoption was finalized this past year. We met her the day after her 3rd birthday, and she moved in with us within a month. She has several birth siblings although she is...



hi im expecting my 2nd baby somtime in august, and im thinking of haveing a c-section. i just wonted to get other mums advice, experciences on there c-section... any information...

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