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what is your littl eones favourite toy, my daughters favourite toy is uppsy daisey from in the night garden she loves it and carrys it every where x

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anyone care to share what they are getting your 1 year old for christmas? i am stumped. half of everything i look at seems to babyish and everything else seems to grown up. i...


1 yr old birthday gift

I've got a $25 gift card for toys r us, and I thought that I'd spend it on a new toy for my daughter's first birthday next month. (I was going to put it toward a fancy stroller,...

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What are you buying your litle one and wat new traditions are you and your family going to do with the new addition?


What to get my daughter for her 1st bday!!

Its my daughter's 1st bday on wed. and i still dont know what to get her, any good ideas? i want something that i know she's gonna love it and use it a lot! She's very alert and...

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What is your 16 months old's favorite toy??

What is your child playing with these days??..I feel like my daughter is out growing a lot of her toys and the toy store has too much to choose from and I want to buy...

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Ist birthday

How do you celebrate a first birthday for your daughter, what present can you buy for her.

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What are other July mothers getting there one year olds for there birthday??

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Best present for 12 month old!

I want to know what is the best present you have bought for your infant/toddler? My daughter is turning 1 and need some cool ideas! Thanks!

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What are you getting your toddler for Christmas?

I have a two year old. She hasn't really become overly obsessed with any one toy or type of toy. I'd love to hear what is on your toddler's wish list for Christmas. I need some...

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Toy ideas for 1 year old boy

My son is turning 1 on November 24th and I need some ideas for his birthday and Christmas. I was thinking of doing a Toys R Us Wish list for both so my friends and family can...

Random Chat #114

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Were you happy with what you all got. Please share but remember some of us are not as fortunate as you so no rubbing it in. okay? I was...

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13 year old birthday party ideas

My daughter wants to do 'something different' for her 13th birthday in March. Can't afford to spend a lot but any ideas would be welcome. She'd like to invite 6 or 7 guests but...

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How many june 2008 babies are talking?

My son doesn't really say any words but bye bye. My doctor told me he should be saying around 50 words by 18 months and he is 16 months now and only uses 1 !!! he is a bright...

Started by Mirella on 11/08/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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