How much does your baby weigh?

Hi...I'm new here. I'm Louise, single mom to 3 adorable little ones ages almost 3, 1.5 and 7 months. My little guy is...well, not so little. He's 25+lbs. Last I checked he...

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Still breastfeeding

My William was born on 2 May 2007 & I am still breastfeeding. I can't give it up. Love it too much. It feels as if he still needs me, like he can't go without me. I never leave...

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my 5 weeks old was diagnosed with relux, anyone else have this? She is currently taking zantac


Define "sleeping through the night"!!

I was starting to feel like I was the only one with a 6 month old not sleeping through the night...until I read a post that said their baby was sleeping through the night 11:00...

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Desperately Seeking Sleep.......

Hi Everyone, So my little Sophie has never been a good sleeper (we did have two nights of 5 hours straight though at about 3 months old). Finally at about 3 months she started...



Has anyone tried the Mirena and do you LOVE/LIKE/HATE it. Any input would be great. Thank You,

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Grunting and kicking during sleep

Hi, My 10 week old grunts and kicks in her sleep. It is usually bad in the morning. She has her eyes closed and she makes awful grunting sounds. She sometimes makes the same...


getting on birth control...

im of course looking into getting on birth control, ive never been so im not sure what to pick...i was interested in the IUD but ive read too many horror stories, and someone...

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Any advice on how to stop brestfeeding?

My daughter is 26 months old. I never intended on breastfeeding my daughter this long and I would like to stop but that does'nt seem to be an option. My daughter has NEVER taken...

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the ratty hour before bed

my 2 month old daughter fights her sleep terribly from 6 at night til about half 7 she screams and will only go to sleep getting rocked and as soon as u lie her down she s wide...


When did you start feeding your baby meat?

Kehlson is 8 months now and is still vegetarian. He is perfectly heathy. We have decided that we will only give him hormone free meat and will cook it and puree it ourselves. We...

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Feedings in Public

I just wanted to know if anyone breastfeeds in public. I have tried but I am so uncomfortable and my son hates to be covered while he is eating. Has anyone else had this...

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