Your Breastfeeding Pet Peeve?

My Breastfeeding Pet Peeve: Mothers who choose not to breastfeed, without even trying it first! I believe that all mothers should be forced to breastfeed! If they don't...

Started by Krystle on 06/16/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Pet Peeves

I am curious of other peoples internet pet peeves.

Silly enough, one of mine is when you go on a forum and give advice and the poster never updates. I like to know...

Started by Megan on 06/26/2009 in Hot Topics

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Pet hates

Not the big stuff, just the little stuff that really grates on you, so what drives you completely nutty? For me, it is people getting names wrong, spelling them wrong,...

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Gramatical annoyances

I'm studying english, and want to teach high school english. I feel everyone has some sort of gramatical pet peeve. What's yours (if you even have one)? Mine is when people...

Started by Caitlin on 10/28/2010 in Hot Topics

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When NOT to listen to your Doctor??

My husband and I have been trying for another baby. At my last appointment with my pediatrician, I informed her of this and her response was that I would have to quit...

Started by Jodi on 12/15/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Well-meaning Moms giving horrible advice!?

What's THE worst thing you've come across yet? Ive noticed its a reoccurring thing on this site for mothers to tell other moms its okay to give your baby food even though they...

Started by Tara on 10/05/2009 in Informed Moms

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Annoying parents

What are the most annoying parenting techniques and parent behaviours that you have come across lately?

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things you CANNOT stand in other moms..?

Everyone knows that all moms are different, and that everyone has the right to raise their kids their own way. But there seems to be things that some moms do that other women...

Started by Melissa on 06/13/2010 in Moms Under 30

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The Conflict

http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/roiphe/2012/04/elisabeth_badinter_s_book_the_conflict_argues_that_modern_motherhood_enslaves_us_.html "If you have ever experienced a...

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