Mothering, Choices and Consequences

We subscribe to the Sunday New York Times, and we love it. After reading it I feel all worldly and informed and stuff. The Ethicist, in particular, floats my boat. But last...

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Thought we may as well debate this one too! lol! I've never co-slept, tho i kept my kids in the same room with me for a little while (4 months with me eldest, 6 months with my...

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Mommy-to-be at 19

Hi, my name is Mai. I'm 19 years old in college and I'm about to have my first baby in February. I'm a little shaky and nervous to be raising a baby with my boyfriend (also in...

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HELP! Problems with solids.

I have been so excited to start my baby girl on solids. I waited until she turned 6 months to feed her anything but breastmilk. We started with rice cereal very watery mixed...


Your childs size

Chris and I had Wyatt at the childrens hospital for an appointment recently. The office was really busy so I took Wyatt for a walk up and down the hallway. Wyatt was 19 months...

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Couple questions regarding my 5 month old

My ped recommended using selsun blue shampoo every few days for my lil girl's cradle cap but it doesn't seem to work (i have really bad scalp issues as well and it doesnt work...

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Milk supply help!!!!

My son is 12 weeks old and my milk supply is very low! i can only pump about an OZ total! any suggestions on how to increase my milk supply? i don't want to give up on...


How much does your 3 month old eat?

My baby was born 80% weight and 90% height. She was a great eater during the first month. I BF her most of the time and give her EBM via bottle once or twice a day just making...

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New born not eating enough

I had a beautiful baby boy on the 22nd of September, but he isn't eating enough. I'm doing 3 hourly feeds now, if I'm lucky he takes 1.5 ounces but majority of the time he is...


2 week old wont sleep

so my son mason is awake alot of the day, no1 wakes him up i think hes just curious, but at night, he refuses to go to bed, ill give him a bottle, hold him, give him a bath with...


MIL fed 4 month old COWS MILK!

I may just be venting here, but my MIL(visiting from a diff country and doesn't speak english) decided to give my 4 month old (exclusively breastfed) baby, cows milk this...

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When is spit up reflux?

My little guy, 4 weeks old, has been spitting up for 2 weeks now. Normally I wouldn't be worried about a little spit up, but it keeps getting worst. Today was the worst day so...


I have two questions

The first: My daughter is 20 months old and has been having nightmares from the time she was about six months old. At our old home, I cleansed her room, tried a pentagram,...

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Hardly eating solids :S help!

my 8 months old daughter has been eating solids since 6 months, but doesnt seems to eat very much and nurses alot still. I have tried to get her to eat more solid food, but she...


close birthdays

My daughter was born 8 days after my birthday. This coming March, I will be turning 30 and she will be 1. Do any of you have close birthday's with your chilrdren? If so, do you...

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P.C.O.S and trying to conceive.

Hello ladies, The other day I had received confirmation that I have P.C.O.S. My fiance and I have been casually trying to conceive since December with no luck. I've also have...