Hi all I have started nesting so far I have organised my kitchen cabinets and draws as well as all my dishes and all the food in the house then I moved on and organised my hall...

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Nursery must haves.

More as a fun thread. What are some of those nursery must haves? Those few items that you just couldn't help buying or were a Godsend when it came to the last one. What about...


Is your house clean or cluttered?

its spring time just about summer and I m ready to organize organize organize. I m going to the office supply store we have here in town and buying all the totes we ll need and...

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What a waste?!?!

What baby Item did you just have to have the u later realized was totally unnecessary. For me id have to say my Bumbo, and my Boppy.

Started by Sarra on 03/26/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Taking The Toy out of the Happy Meal?

All of us may have heard of this,by now. What are your thoughts? Personally I think its ridiculous! parents Just arent parents anymore.Instead of actually Telling our children...

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Making life easier

I thought that might get your attention! haha! I was just thinking that we could share some tips and tricks and gadgets that make our lives easier...you know- the helpful...

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Candy for breakfast?

If your child was a picky eater, would you give him/her candy for breakfast?

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California mom sues McDonald's over Happy Meals

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - A mother-of-two from California launched a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's, claiming the toys given out with Happy Meals unfairly lure kids into...

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Random Chat 87

Keep in mind people. I love secrets. Just ask anybody. LOL

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Random Chat #103

What is your favorite type of candy?

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Random Chat 91

I hope I talk to you today. Since Cafemom is out of the question. I am still trying to cut back on here. No such luck so far. LOL

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