Fuzzi Bunz

im due in Feb. and we wanted to use cloth diapers, we bought about 24 one size fuzzi bunz and i was wondering from moms who use them, if they are worth it and what kind of...


Fuzzi Bunz or Happy Heinys?

I'm selling cloth diapers (Fuzzi Bunz and Happy Heinys). I was wondering, which ones do you prefer and why? Shanna thebayoucitydiaperco.com


Fuzzi Bunz vs. Happy Heinys with Snaps

I have 8 month old tall/skinny twin girls (15 lbs each) and am considering switching to cloth. We want a pocket diaper with snaps that is user friendly and will fit our girls to...


Do any of you use Fuzzy Bunz?

I'm about to order some fuzzi bunz cloth diapers. Have any of you used them...and did you like them? How would you rate them as far as absorbency, bulkiness, wear-and-tear,...


looking for a super trim fit...

i have a few different types of cd's....lately ive been finding myself using the gdiapers with cloth inserts on both of my boys bc theyre just so trim!! sounds stupid, but i...


finding clothes to fit over CD

My daughter (9mon) is already wearing 12-18 clothes because I can not find pants that fit over the CD. Any suggestions for clothes roomy in the rear?


Pocket Diaper Suggestions

We are about to order our second batch of diapers (one size or in a large 20 plus pounds). Our son is 20 lbs and 27 inches and only 4 months old. We like pocket diapers and we...


PUL Pocket Diapers are the Best!

Having 4 kids and trying many different types over the years, I have reached this conclusion. I started with Fuzzi Bunz with my 3rd child and I haven't looked back. If you...


Trim CD?

I have been CDing for about 6 months now. We mainly use BG one size. These tend to be bulky under pants....are there any less bulky just as easy to use options? Thanks!


BumGenius 3.0 velcro tab problem

After many hours of searching for the "perfect" cloth diaper to use, I chose Bum Genius 3.0. My daughter is 11 mo. old today and already the velcro tabs are not holding...


Your diaper stash ... also for fun!

This is just for fun. What kinds/brands of diapers do you have and which one is your favorite? I'll go first: My diaper stash 21 one-size pocket diapers 8 large drybees (I...


Prefolds as gDiaper inserts ???

I was hoping to use plane old gerber prefolds AS the inserts for the gDiapers, I would of course sew them to the correct size - does anyone know of a reason that would not work?