High calorie formulas

Does anyone here use a high calorie formula for their older child? My daughter is 7 and she is both oral and gtube feed. Mostly oral. I am looking for a high calorie formula...

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Is your 2 year old off whole milk??

For those of you that have your child on cow's milk, have you switched to 1% or 2%?? We are on WIC, and starting this month all our milk is now 1%. My son adjusted to the...



Hello, I am new to this site, but need help and dont know where to turn. My son is 14 and was diagnosised with ADHD when he was 6. He has been on many different medicaitions...



I have been looking on the net and can't find a website that provides scientific information about solids...i've seen kellymom so please don't post that you would only be...

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Anyone heard of Fenugreek??

I was just curious if anyone has heard of Fenugreek?? I've been having a tough time producing very much milk for my daughter and heard of Fenugreek, but don't know much about...

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How can I lose weight while nursing?

I really want to get rid of my baby weight, but I am still breastfeeding. Anytime I try cutting back on my food, my milk supply dwindles, so that's not an option. When I just...

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hey everyone.. my son just had his first birthday Nov.10th.. and he is still waking up 2ce a night for a bottle *sigh* any suggestions??


weight gain

My daughter is 19 weeks and the health visitors say she is not gaining enough weight. She's dropped from the 9 percentile to the 4th and only gained 4 ounces in 3 weeks....


supplementing by doctor's orders??

My little girl is now over 6 and a half months old and she weighed 11 and a half pounds at her 6 month check up, putting her below the 3rd percentile in weight. The doctor asked...

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underweight baby?

i just took my daughter to her 1MO. check-up yesterday, my babies measurements at birth were 6lbs. 4oz., 19.5 in long, and her head was something like 13 and 3/4 inches or so....

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my breastfed baby is under weight?

i just took my son to the doctor today for his 9 month check up to find out he is way under weight 16.3 lbs witch is 3% in percentile the doctor wants to see him back in a month...

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Really Frustrated!

Ok so I have been working out in the morning with my binder ball, walking for 45 minutes a day, AND doing at least 30 minutes of step and 15 minutes of strength training on the...


Prolonged breastfeeding "may harm babies health"

http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/health/prolonged-breastfeeding-may-harm-babies-health-1.1079856?localLinksEnabled=false Breastfeeding exclusively for six months may put...

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Junk food and low IQ!!!

A new Bristol study suggests that kids under the age of 3 fed junk food including chips, crisps, biscuits, pizza etc have an IQ 5 points lower than kids eating a good diet...

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Underweight daughter

My 15 month old is the in 1 percentile for her weight and 6 percentile for her head circumference. The pediatrician wants me to try to "fatten her up" by adding things like...