weekend father

my fiance gets his son only on weekends I have 4 that live with us.omg ISSUES is there anyone else here that is with a man that only gets his kid on weekends? I need to talk...



I am posting this on all the boards in my community (so if you see it multiple times, you know why). I feel that I must help spread the word to raise awareness. You will...


home alone?

at what age do you think its ok to leave children home alone? even if your just giung to the corner shop or popping next door for coffee? what if theyre sleeping? or watching...



So, Bo himself in a debate with John McCain said we should look at who he surrounds himself with if we want to understand what he believes....so lets do that, shall we? Van...

Random Chat #98

Today or Yesterday depending on the time zone, is Nikki S.'s birthday. Lets all wish her a happy birthday if you havent already. Thanks people.

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Toddler and Tiaras

Ok Since I brought this up in another thread lets hear it... Is it to sexually suggestive? Would you allow your children to wear tons of makeup, big hair and very little...

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Fat Babies

I recently met a mom and her 8 month old son. He weighs in at over 30 pounds. He is extremely fat. She has formula fed him all his life. Her doctor has told her that he is obese...

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how many moms out there pay child support?

I can't find a support group for mothers who pay child support, It would comfort me to know that I'm not the only one out here struggling to support my ex- husband, I mean my...

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to spank, or not to spank.....

ok all pro- and non-spanking mums. it should't be so controversial or frowned upon, and mums who spank should not be told by non-spanking mothers that they are doing it all...

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Bullying Results in Suicide...

Today when I got home from my friend's place, I got a call from my cousin who told me about a suicide (that happened either today or yesterday) of a local teen. It turns out my...


Is my daughter's father a predator?

Hi All...this is my first time so I'm a little nervous. However I need some serious advise. This is very embarrassing for me to say but here it goes.... When my daughter was six...

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