I'm going to SCREAM!!! His and he's FFS GET IT RIGHT!!

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Hi, my dauther was born May 17th and has started walking on her own about a week ago! I was just wondering how many other babies her age are walking yet?? My oldest didn't...

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Wondering if I'm Alone Here...

I want to say up front that this is in no way intended to begin a debate about ANY topic. I really do just want to know if I'm alone here... I joined the Christian Mom's COM in...

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My son is being diagnosed...

My son is 4yrs old & does not hold conversations...He covers his ears to certain noise...loves baths & pools or water in general...He sometimes flaps his hands when hes...


Rolling over

My daughter is a few days away from being five months and she will not roll over. Is this normal? How old was your little ones when they did?


School districts

Hi ladies, I know this question has probably been asked before, but since I am house hunting, I'm just hoping for current replies so I am asking again. We are looking at homes...



Has anyone wheened there baby of there bottle Yet?? Any tips on how to do it My daughter will not take to a sippy cup..


Women in Combat

Should women be allowed to serve in combat roles in the armed forces? The past fifteen years since the collapse of the Cold War system have been as much a New World Anarchy...


Did you deliver your twins early?

I am 30 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable, and huge! I talked to my doc today about inducing around 37/38 weeks, and she said that she doesn't induce for twins! Did you guys go...

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