kitty litter box

Okay I know that when your pregnant your not suppose to empty the cat box because of the toxoplasmosis*, but what if your breast feeding? Does anyone know if I can empty it now?

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I have a new kitty...

I have a new kitty and i was wondering if having a cat is bad for pregnant girls?? And i heard that the kitty litter might be harmful is that true??

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Animal Issues

Ok, this is not a kid question, but it is a problem. My cat is 6yrs old. I have not ever had an issue with her regarding the little box. She is an indoor cat. She is in good...


Not about Kids but Cats

Has anybody used the litter kwitter system to train cats to use the toilet?? I am really looking for advice/tips/tricks... for some reason I can't register myself to their...



I recently took in a cat only had him for like 3 days but got rid of him til i have my baby because than i can have one and take allergy medicines without the cat affecting me....

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I had a WARNING!

http://miscarriage.about.com/od/infections/f/cats.htm That the Toxoplasmosis is very much to worry about. Well, my husband knows of this and I am not sure how frequent the...

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Good things/bad things about owning a cat?

I really want a cat and my husband doesn't. I have a tendency to jump into things before I know what I am getting into, so I was hoping you all could tell me your experiences...

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Cat dilemma...

We have two cats. They were both raised since they were kittens, and are four and five years old. We are having trouble in deciding whether to keep them now that we have a...


Is it ok if my baby touch a cat ?

I always get worried if i see my baby touch a cat at house... i ever got invected by virus because of animal it calls Toxo... I think you ever heard that... I am affraid if he...

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I see Crystal Balls on my children diapers?

Hey my daughter and son are one year old. I started seeing crystals on my daughter diapers first, her doctor thought she was probably dehydrated, but her ordered some labs to be...

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we have 3 cats all sisters we got them all from their mother 3years ago an have been with us and no other animals, our first child is due in March. i understand that all animals...


“Sticky situations”

As a mother we are Queens of multi-taking, and in seemingly impossible situations we come out somewhat sane! What are some recent or past “Sticky situations” you where in...

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Pet Problems!!!!

HELP PLEASE!!!! My son is 7 months old, and we have had 2 cats for almost 2 years now. They have been great and have never tried to bother him and give him plenty of space...

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Babies and Cats?

I am pregnant now and I have never really had pets before. We have had a cat for a year now but this is not something you think of until your in the situation. You hear all of...



Okay, this question is for all you cat lovers.. I am asking this question out of anger towards my local Humane Society... Do animals retaliate on their owners....like will a...

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