What is Pdd?

Today my son was diagnosed with PDD and ADHD. I know about ADHD because my seven yr.old has it. I just don't understandPDD> Please help!!


11 months and waking up at night

My son is 11 months and has been waking up every 2 hours for the last month. When he wakes up we go into his room and rub his back to sooth him back to sleep. He doesn't need...


head butting

my little man is 15 months old and lately all he will do is head-butt everything until he hurts himself. i tell him no and he will still do it, its has me worried cause his...

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Hi, My name is Jen, when my daughter turned a year old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she is now 17 months and I still don't see the signs of CP, she is very smart, she...


I STILL don't understand!??

I just dont understand what Asperger's IS. Okay...my three year old son has it (I SERIOUSLY don't understand how the Dr can tell so early, but he has). I understand that we can...


I'm having a huge problem

So my son is 2 yrs old and he loves the lion king he always ask for me to put it on. He loves to watch t.v only nick jr. but I'm scared if I keep letting him watch t.v and...

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'Autism spectrum' may explain diagnosis surge

During the briefing for reporters Thursday on the CDC’s latest findings that one in 88 children in the U.S. (one in 54 boys) has a diagnosis of some brain disorder that falls...

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