I'm going to be getting my new bumgenius order any time in the mail, and I'm wondering what kind of detergent you all use? I am looking for something cost effective, and that I...



So I just recieved pre folded diapers for the baby shower and am lost with all the detergents out there. Suggestions are more than welcomed, they are needed!


what detergent

We are going to be staying with my parents and they have a front loader. What detergents are good to use? We have charlie's soap right now, but I think my son may be reacting...


Washing and detergent

What detergent do y'all use? I have a front loader. My diapers always seem to smell as soon as urine hits them despite washing according to directions- I have Bum Genius and use...


Detergent for sensative skin

My one year old has VERY sensative skin... I have yet to find a detergent that is good for the diapers and doesn't make her break out in a blistered rash.... I've been washing...


Favorite laundry detergent

Wondering what is your favorite laundry detergent for cloth diapers? I have been using Allens natural and I'm not very impressed with it.


Laundry detergent for cloth diapers

What brand of laundry detergent do you use for your cloth diapers? What brand of diapers do you have? How often do you do wash? Do you only put the diapers in the load or do you...


detergent question . .natural?

I am curious about what detergents you all use. I have heard that you should not use a "natural" detergent on cloth diapers, but could not find out why. They don't clean as...


what detergent to use?

I've been using prefolds with Thirsties covers exclusively for about 8 months, but am starting to use a few BumGenius and a Blueberry diaper. I've always used All Free & Clear...


Best soap to wash CDs in?

I am concerned about what kind of soap/detergent I should use to wash my cloth diapers in. My mid wife recommended an oil based soap, but didn't give me a brand name. Does...


What do you use for diaper detergent?

I was just curious to see what you mommies use for cloth diaper detergent? And if you make your own, what do you use to make it? Also, I have a high efficiency washer and...


Washing tips?

I am wondering what detergent is best to use on a front loading washing machine. I am looking for something that I could wash the baby's clothes in as well as washing the...


cleaning pocket insert diapers

I am starting to use cloth diapers with my second child. I got the BumGenius one size pocket diapers. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for cleaning them(ie. what...


Anyone never had to strip diapers?

I know a lady who's been using the same stash of BG pockets for 2.5 yrs and swears by Charlies Soap that she's never had to strip hers. She uses a dry pail. I tried Charlies...


Rash from underwear

My son has eczema, which i've known for 3yrs now, but we started potty training and I'd like to think of him as trained. BUT, he has a rash all around where the underwear sit. I...

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Rash with cloth diapers

Hey ladies! Sorry if this issue has been addressed, but I'm having trouble with my cloth diapers causing a rash on my little girl. We went about 2 months without any problems....