Easy meals using chicken breast?

Hello i always buy a big 4 kg box of chicken breast but i'm always stuck trying to figure out what to make thats fast and easy but still yummy and of course kid friendly.


Chicken Recipes?

I'm getting tired of making the same old dishes. I try not to use ground meat, or red meat that often. I try to cook chicken and fish the majority of the time. However, I'm...


Anyone have a recipe for chicken?

Anyone have a recipe for chicken? I always make chicken cutlets or lemon white wine chicken. Now me and my man are getting a little bit bored. I also don't want to spend over an...


needs some recipes for a picky family

i am needing a recipe for a very picky family here is some stuff we don't like... 1. onions-no one in the family eats them 2. stuffing-my husband won't eat 3. cream of...


Frozen Meals

I am looking for some ideas for meal to make and freeze? Does anyone have any good ideas / recipes?


Healthy Lunches for Toddlers

Does anyone have any ideas for healthy lunches for a toddler? My daughter loves peanut butter and jelly but that's about the only semi-nutritious food I can think to give her...


EASY freeze and bake later ideas needed!

I am looking for some easy meals to make for a co-worker who is recently diagnosed with cancer. Everyone at my work is pitching in and helping with meals for her...just need a...


Freezer Recipes

Hey there, I am helping stock up a friends freezer as they prepare for the arrival of their second child. Any good recipes that freeze well would be greatly appreciated.


Getting a 7 month old to eat meat?

My baby is getting to the point in her development where she needs meat, but every time she has it, she spits it up. She isn't allergic and I've tried mixing it with all her...


Easy Reciepes that even dads can make

I am looking for easy reciepes that even dads can cook. My husband isnt a cooker but we are about to have baby number 2 and I am now on bed rest so I am looking for somethings...