How old were your children when you left them overnight with someone? My son is 13 months and he hasn't stayed overnight with any grandparents and I'm not ready for him to be...

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antidepressants during pregnancy

im neally 24 weeks pregnant... and coz i had PND really bad with my last child they want me to start taking prozac now... i dont want to do anything thats going to harm my baby...

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Hey guys, I am a 22 year old mother to a energetic 3 year old toddler. My partner and I log an average of 70 hours of work between our two jobs per week and take full time care...

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i need help (not to be judged)

Im 16 ; I lost my baby after carrying my baby girl for 5 1/2 months. No one knew I was pregnant except for my baby's father. My mother is way to judgmental I was to scared . And...



Hi there! I couldn\'t find anything here on Circle of Moms that had to do with Grandmother\'s becoming \"Moms\" again by raising their grandchildren. Did you know that at...


loss of my daughter

when my daughter was 3mths old she suffered a near cot death and was left serverly brain damaged and a load of other health issues she battled n fought untill sadly she lost...


School & Seizures....

Having allot of trouble getting my son back to school after he has a seizure. He is 13 and in 7th grade...he is a good student...never missed allot of school until now. Had...


is my son eating too much

my son Kingston has been eating 8 oz for the last week and a half two weeks ago he was eating 40z then within hours he went to 6oz then three days later he started eating 8 oz...


struggling to get ahead...

having our first child, the cutest little boy ive ever seen, was a suprise for us. and while my boyfriend and i work very hard to provide and take care of our little family, it...

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What I don't like about Barrack Obama

So here's an experiment. I'm wondering if every liberal in this group can name one thing they DON'T like about Obama, and one thing they DID like about GW. If you are posting...


My 13 yr. old and Birth Control

My daughter just turned 13 on the first of June and we are going to the doctor on the 17th to have her put on birth control. The reason; she is having extremely painful periods...

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