Chromosome Disorders

My son has two chromosome disorders. He has 22q11.2 duplication and 15q11.2 deletion. Dose anyone know anything about these chromesome disorders?


Smn 1 (Gene)

I have just been told that my son has a Gene missing (Smn 1) he is undergoing tests, but i was just wondering if anyone has any information about this or has experienced this...


1p36 Duplication

Hi everyone, I have a 4-yr-old son who has 1p36 duplication and I am having trouble finding anyone who has experience with that or know of someone with 1p36 duplication. I have...


it's hard not knowing!

Hi everyone! I wish someone out there somewhere is going through the same as me. My daughter was born 9yrs ago healthy! I was never concerned until she started getting older...


Neurological condition

My 3 month old son has neurological issues that are from his chromosome deletion. I would like to connect with other mom's who's children have neurological issues. I want my...