Any moms practicing abstinence?

I have started a new community to support single moms who have made a choice to "wait until they are married" (first time or again) or maybe those who would like to start but...


AIDS in Africa & the Pope

Relatively recently the Pope went to Africa and told the people not to use condoms, despite the AIDS epidemic. For me this is just wrong, but I'm not Catholic. I feel that...

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It is called TAPP...I believe it is located in Louisiana. It is a school for young teenage mothers, so they can finish their high school. What do you think of this...good idea...

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What type of sex ed?

It falls down more than if someone agrees with abortions or sex before marriage. The reality is young kids are having sex and will continue to. So, are you for abstinence based...


Republicans and Christianity

Why does it seem that the conservative republicans are trying to claim Christianity as their own lately? I am not a Christian myself but I do know MANY and a lot of them are...


Teen Pregnancy

This is my first debate topic i hope im doing this right! :) So Teen pregnancy is on the rise these days I just want to know what are your thoughts on the matter?? Do think...

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Holy Moly

The welcome page is rather rich today. lol

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Why does it have to be all or nothing?

This is a post I posted to my pro-life mothers group, it got a good response over there, but I wanted to see what some non pro-lifers thought. We seem to be stuck in this...