baby in pain, please help

Does anyone know of anything you can give an 11 month old for a sore throat? I feel so helpless, every time he coughs he cries out in pain. any ideas?


My youngest has RSV

She is only 7 weeks old and I am worried about her. when she coughs she coughs so hard her face turns red and her eyes bug out and she cries. I know it hurts but I have asked my...


5yr old son with asthma

my son who is 5yr old has asthma. he has had it since he was a baby. for the past yr it has been under control.(before this yr, we were in the er every two weeks)so for the...


does anyone have a child under two that..

My 16 month old has been having nosebleeds a few times a month since she turned one. They are always between 330-430 am, her first doctor was not concerned no matter how much i...

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Ok moms I really need your help

Ok moms I need help I am a working mom and it seem that I never have enough time, My son is 8 months and he have a cough that sound really dry and hes also a little congested...

Started by Ieshia on 03/02/2012 in Working Moms

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Sick 6 month old..any advice

Caden is 6 months old and has his first cough. It sounds deep and i can tell he is coughing stuff up, he's just not getting it all the way out. I set up the humidifier in his...