Cord Blood

Have any of you contemplated saving your baby's cord blood? My husband and I are thinking about it, and we just aren't entirely sure. What are your thoughts?

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Cord Blood?

I didnt save my sons cord blood but am thinking about doing it for this baby. What does eveyrone think about cord blood banking and has anyone done it?


Cord blood - stem cells

I am 8 months pregnant and wondering if my baby could possibly help my 11 year daughter with her type 1 diabetes. My daughter has had diabetes for 7 years now. I have researched...


Cord blood bank

My hubby and i are discussing saving the ucord for our child. it is somewhat pricey but i would just like to know what others think.

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cord blood banking

Has anyone ever done the cord blood banking?If so which company and why did you choose that company? A friend of mine is interested but i never used it with my 3 girls.Thanks...

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Thoughts on cord blood banking?

Just curious who is considering cord blood banking and where do you go for credible information about it?

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Did you save the cord blood?

A new and popular method now. Saving the umbilical cord blood, banking it, freezing it should you need to regenerate tissue in the future. I personally did not save my cord...

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Cord Blood: What can be treated with it?

Leukemias * Acute Leukemia o Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) o Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) o Acute Biphenotypic Leukemia o Acute Undifferentiated...

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Eating your Placenta

I ate my placenta in capsules to help prevent postpartum depression and other problems. All other mammal mamas eat it. First off, it helps slow postpartum depression, which as a...


Officially Diagnosed

Okay so my 3.5 yr old was officially diagnosed last week as Autistic.. Not really a shock to me though no matter what you can never really prepare yourself to hear it from a...


Stem Cell Research

For or against it? Why? I think it's beneficial. Canada and Britain are already doing it.(So is California for the Americans in here) I'm sure other countries are as well I...


Inducing for Mom's Convenience

I'm a bit shocked by this, but then the more I read I see this is NORMAL. A close friend of mine is due July 4th. She is currently 50% effaced and baby is in good position....

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Random Chat #113

I know that hotels dont believe in the thirteenth floor I hope that doesnt apply to RC too.

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