I just left Mckinzie dad

I left about two months ago and every one tells me its the best thing I ever did for me and Mckinzie but it hurts I still love him and dont want to think about her growing up...

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Two VERY different parenting styles

Greetings all! I just finished a rough weekend. Between my steps and fosters I am more than worn out. I can forgive the silly fights and understand the jealousy over "daddy...

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does any one know how we can help our school?? we have tried to pass a referendum unsuccessfully 3 times to increase the funding for our school. They have now announced at the...



My 3 year old is high functioning aspergers. His grandparents are having a hard time dealing with all of this and pretty much just ignore him as a result. They seem to think...


March Goals

Well ladies we are starting month 3 with our weight loss. As Irene has stated in previous posts it's important to identify your goals from the large to the small. Last month...


Please Help!

Hi im a single mom of a wonderful little 2 yr old girl who i adore loads and cant imagine life without her and her dad dont want to no ive recently got a new partner we have bin...

Started by Stephanie on 01/27/2011 in Single Moms

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Extended Breastfeeding Photography

I have read a lot of responses about how we all would like our toddler nurslings to be able to remember this connection we have through the wonderment of nursing. I too find it...



I am getting so tired of the constant argument I have to have with my MIL. She is the most wonderful person I know. She is great to me, and an awesome grandma, but she can't get...


kids and sport

with the new school recently back here in new south wales it is swimming carnival time, this triggered a conversation on the local radio about children participating in sport,...

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questions about selecting a pump

I am returning to work on January 10, when my baby will be 8 1/2 months old. Originally I was planning to wean him to formula about a month before that, but I have decided that...

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being a mom is hard!

so in the last week my 7 year old daughter fell off a skateboard and broke her arm, spent 7 hours in er with that, my 2 year old got a hold of a bottle of liquid tylenol and we...

Started by Jennifer on 11/17/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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