banana bread question

I need some help. I love to make banana bread. My problem is that shortly after ( a few days later)it tastes metallic. What am I doing wrong? I bake it in a glass pan and it...


Tip -- for nipple drying and cracking

I just logged onto HealthTap, a new free health site for pregnant women and new moms and found a tip for breastfeeding-- www.healthtap.com "Prevent nipple drying and...


Cracked, dry bleeding nipples Oh My!!

hey booby feeding mommies!!! i've been breast feeding my son for almost 4 months now and he is really taking a toll on my nipples, i know i know too much info! lol but its un...


Any tricks for getting rid of gnats?

I recently asked how to get rid of ants. All of your helpful suggestions worked! One thing I read was to get a mint plant so I did and now I have all kinds of gnats in my house!...

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Fuckin' fly!

Shew fly, SHEW! *goes to find a fly swatter*

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I cleaned out the fridge...

and I found a bowl...covered with plastic wrap. There's a green stain in the bottom...like spraypaint. I have no clue what used to be in that bowl...but it was important,...


Safely Heating the Baby's Room

Because of a very large (yet beautiful) window in my daughter's room, it is a little drafty. I am getting ready to move her from the bassinet in my room to her crib in her room....


What is your first impression?

I have 2 rough and tumble boys. The youngest is so fearless that, even though I watch him, he is always biffing it and getting bruises and stuff on his face. Most of the time...

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Good party snacks/dips?

Im having a passion party in the middle of this month and i would kindda like to make something "different" to snack on. I know the basics(spinach,buffalo chicken,taco,etc.) but...

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chicken pot p ie

I was thinking of making some chicken pot pie and was wondering if anyone had any good recipes for making it. I know there are several different ways to make it so I'm open to...


dying for some romance!

i am 5 months pregnant, and my husband is being a dick. he hasn't complemented me in ages, we haven't had sex in a month (not my doing...i'm horny as all hell) and he is...



What do you think about putting a helmet on kids like around 6 months to maybe 3 years old? So they won't hurt their head when they do something like rock back or fall down.



Any new ideas to get rid of lice? I have 2 preschoolers and a toddler that I am having a difficult time getting rid of lice. I use the special comb in their hair daily and have...

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breast pump suggestions

There may already be a conversation about this, but I have decided to breast feed and since this is my first i havent tried any of the pumps out there yet. Just wondering if...

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Sore and cracked nipples

My baby boy is 5 weeks old today, and I have been having trouble with cracked and very sore nipples. It is beyond cracked on one side. I talked to a LLL leader and she said it...

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I've Got a Biter - PLEASE help!

My almost-8 month old has her 2 bottom teeth. She's had them for a few weeks now. Just the other day, though, she bit me while nursing. I immediately pulled her off and said...

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