Fruit Juice for Infants

There has been a conversation on the Welcome Page for some days now on giving a 7 month old some juice. Apparently the child won't take to it very well. Anyway, some of the...

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how to get rid of a UTI?

how do i get rid of a UTI when i always get them i dont have time to keep dragging my daughter to the docs to get anti biotics. i usually old my old ones from my old repeat...


Urine infections

My daughter started with a urine infection 5 months ago everytime the antiobiotics finish the wee infection returns within days, she has a scan on her kidneys next will will...


IC anybody?

I have IC. I am in pain and in the bathroom everyday all day. I was wondering if there was anybody else with this terrible condition. I have done the pills, installations, PFR,...


Please Help!! Nappy Thrush!!

Hi All, I am at the end of my tether with this and have been for a while now. My son started to get really bad nappy rash end July/beg August. I used every nappy rash cream...


This is kinda embarassing but...

I'm almost 22 weeks pregnant and very constipated..Just wondering if there is anything i can do to not be constipated anymore. Thanks

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What do you give your toddler to drink?

My daughter is so picky and never wants to eat any food really she just loves to drink all the time and I tried the whole don't give her anything to drink until she eats she...

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Any suggestions - please!

Hi, My daughter is 2. She will be 3 in April. She has been potty trained since November 2009. She has done a great job with telling us she has to go and actually going. We just...

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Sippy cups

My baby is 6 months and 1 week. We have already introduced the sippy cup and she does great with it! Anyone else out there already giving their baby a sippy cup? When and how...

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My son gets really constipated

My son doesn't drink water and when its time to go to the bathroom he's in a lot of pain and it hurts me to see him like this,how can I get him to drink water or what else can I...



My baby Paxton has been constipated off and on for about 3 months I took him to his doctor and he gave him some medication to help and it did... for awhile so I changed from...

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