Don't know what solids to feed 10 month olds

My pediatrician was not pleased with how much formula my girls were still getting at their nine month checkup so I worked and worked and got them down to 2-3 sippy cups of...

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Baby food?

How many of you are intending on making baby food for your babies when they begin eating baby food? or are already making it? Im intending on making My daughter's baby food...


Sneak the veggies in!

My two year old won't eat vegetables. So I still buy jarred baby food veggies and mix it into everything ie: mashed potatoes, spaghetti sauce, etc. Works like a charm and...


New Recipies for all of you mothers.

Hello ladies, I hope all is well with you and your little bundles of Joy. I know that I am getting really excited since my little man is about to turn one on the 24th. A few...


Hiding Veggies

HI, my kids do not eat veggies, ok so I don't really etheir. Does anyone have any yummy recipies that I can hide veggies in? Muffins, bars, anything? Thanks


Fairly new to GF life

Hello everyone! My 15 year old son was diagnosed with celiac back in March. He hadn't been growing and was earlier diagnosed with profound hypothyroidism- his thyroid doesn't...

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Hidden Veggies

I am looking for some ideas of meals to add pureed veggies to that my boys will actually eat. The only vegetables I can get them to eat is corn and potatoes - not the best...


11 month old only wants to eat bread and cheese!!!

Hi everyone! My baby boy is 11 months old and, until recently, has been an awesome eater. We never had any trouble getting him to eat fruits, veggies, meats, cereals, etc. UNTIL...

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Making your own baby food?

Has anyone ever made their own baby food? I want to do it for my son but I have never done it before. What do you have to do to make sure it is right and ok for your baby to...

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home made baby food?

i made my son some today cuz i ran out his jars of fruit so i decided to make some..but i think im gonna keep doing this..probably healthier even though we buy organic..does...


How do you get a child to eat any veges??

My son is 21 months and just wont eat any veges with his tea. I have always encouraged him to do so but suddenly he just isn't intersted I have tried different veges and even...

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Constipation..please help!!

Ok. My baby girl is now 15 months old. Just about every time she goes poop her lil face turns blood red, she cries, & stiffins out. When I change her sometimes there is blood....

Started by Karen on 10/28/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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Looking for something to hide veggies in!

I have 4 kids 3 of them will not eat Veggies well the green ones. And the worst of it is my husband done eat them as well. I miss veggies myself. The only few they will eat is...


What to Feed My 14 mo old

My daughter will eat cereal or yogurt with fruit, fruit chunks, cheese, little pieces of lunchmeat, avacado, some pasta, cheerios and that's about it. She refuses pureed foods...


Favorite Scene or Quote???

When Andy had taped cotton balls on his nipples to keep them from chafing during the race and it didn't work!

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