Abortion..What do you think?

so i was watching the news a while back and i saw where a group was protesting abortion. see the anniversary of roe vs. wade was coming up which is the court case that made...


Pre-nuptial agreements..

What do you think about them. So i am watching this show...and about a month before the wedding, he sits his fiancee down and tells her that she needs to sign a pre-nup(am i...

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I need some help.

Hello Everyone! Analeigh and I have been having a battle the past few months and I am now at my wits end. I am trying to teach her how to drink out of a sippy and it is REALLY...

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Cradle Cap

My 8 month old daughter still has a little cradle cap, I have tried a few things ie)baby oil and none of them worked. It does not seem to be irritating her but I was wondering...


Need Advice! I am running out of patience.

Ok. So I have really dug a hole for myself. Ever since my son was born (11 months ago) he has been sleeping with me. And for the longest time I liked it and didnt want him in...

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Whats your opinion on spanking?

I had to delete the last post, because i didnt word it right lol I know its a very sensitive subject but I'd like to you your opinion on it. I see kids in walmart all the...

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What is the Christian (KJV) Bible?

There are so many different views on what the Christian (KJV) Bible is, who wrote it, how it came to be. If it's literal truth inspired by a higher power. Or inspired by a...

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