why cant i get my daughter to eat meat

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Veggies that make you beautiful

Personally, I feel healthier when I eat my dark leafy greens, and it’s a priority for me to feed them to my son. He gets his fair share of chard and kale. But studies have...

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Top 10 detox Foods

Want to baby your liver? Keep your GI tract fit? Flush out toxins? These 10 foods -- many of them chosen by RealAge experts Drs. Oz and Roizen -- can spring clean your body and...

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Milk problem

Hello every one ,my 3 1/2 years son does not drink milk in any kind any flavour but from two days he is asking for milk powder without adding water in it,is it ok for him to...

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Iron supplement

Hi all, few days back we celebrated our son's first birthday.. How to add iron supplement in his diet


How to make my `14 month old to drink cows milk?

My son is 14 months and WILL NOT drink milk...I've tried everything....Strawberry surup...chocolate surup...and he still won't drink it....I know he needs it, but how do i get...

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Vitamin A and measles campaign

Hi All! Help me out here! There is a Vitamin A and measles campaign in my country,all kids below 5 years must get the vitamin A drops and measles vaccine next week 16.11.09 to...


God mom and mother

I am 21. I lost my daughter at age three she would be four this year she was really really sick. I miss her dearly but I am dealing with that. However, I was raped right after...

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Need Recipes!!!

So this isnt actually a parenting question but Im hoping somebody can help me out. Quite recently my mom was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, high choleserol and a...



I became anemic with my third baby and was placed on an iron suppliment. My baby girl is 8 months now and I am still pretty anemic. I am taking a B-complex vit and still the...


how do i stop breastfeeding?

my baby is 14months old and i am still breastfeeding, he does not like the formula at all, i am afraid that he may not be getting enough calcium and nutritients as i am at work...

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