Dental Hygiene

Hi everyone just needing some advice about teeth cleaning my little girl is 8 Months and now has in total 6 teeth I am cleaning her teeth daily with a bit of water my question...


Dental care ?

My daughter has 4 teeth ( yay ! ) and since she has been born she always falls asleep after her last feed for the night. I have tried to rinse her mouth out with water but she...


Establishing a Dental Home for My Kids

I have 5 kids (4 rambunctious boys and 1 sweet girl). Having had the privilege to stay at home the last 16 years, I pursued every avenue of "perfect" parenting from blogging...


Personal Hygiene and an 11 year old

My daughter is 11 years old and it is a fight with her everyday to brush her teeth, brush hair, flush the toilet, change her underware, even wipe after going to the bathroom and...

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I just found out yesterday that my 20 month old son has three cavities. His dentist said it's because of me breastfeeding him at night. She's telling me to stop breastfeeding...

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falling asleep at breast bad for teeth?

my 6 mo old little girl falls asleep at the breast all the time. should i be concerned about the residual milk in her mouth rotting her teeth? she hasn't cut any teeth yet,...

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The Dirty Truth About Toothpaste

The ingredients that lurk inside your toothpaste, a simple everyday product we’ve all used since toddlerhood, are known toxins. And yet, we still use it. Even the American...

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At what age do you take you child to the dentist? My daughter is 17 months old now, is it to early to go to the dentist?


when should i start to brush my sons teeth??

My son is 7 months old has two bottom teeth with one or two more about to pop out on top his diet is solids with combine breast and bottle feeds ...he is currently teething and...

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My son has just been for his 10 month check up and jabs. I am in Thailand so I have gotten used to differences from the West, but this latest advice from the doc is hilarious!...


Is 11 too young for braces?

Damaris doesn't have crooked teeth but even though she brushes I want to know that her teeth are healthy and I know braces are good for teeth. Am I making too big a deal out of...