Family Court, what ways could it be better??

So, a friend of mine just lost custody of his kids. No worries, he will get them back in a few months cause mom is going to prison! She was caught(with her bf) cooking meth in...

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sons death

my 22 year old son Daniel, died 3/30/10. It was a horrible work accident and now I find myself lost and confused. Daniel was my first born and up until he turned 18, extremely...

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Advice Please

Hi there, I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have a 2 year old who will be three in september. We found out that we had to move suddenly and for the last several weeks have been...

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Spiritual activity

I thought I would do a post on the subject of children seeing spirits as I can't believe how many of you are experiencing it or worry about it. I can't understand why, in this...


Ups and downs

Im not sure what is wrong with me? I have four children, 8, 6, 2, 10 1/2 months. I dont know if it is normal to be so snappy with a two year old, knowing he is learning and...

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stress stress stress

i kno its normal to be stressed and also depressed being a single mom takeing care of a baby with no help. it is a very lonely life which i am not used to befor i was a mom io...


Help.....any suggestions PLEASE

Hello all, so i'm stumped, i have gotten advice from my mom, in-laws, even called my doctor, but nothing is helping. I was hoping maybe some other mom has gone through what...

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Peanut/Tree nut Allergy

Hello everyone, I just thought I would try to help anyone out there whose child has a peanut/tree nut allergy. I am 24 years old and my son was born April 2, 2007. He is growing...



I may as well be a single mom, my "fiancee" spends more time at his ex's house with his other two kids, than he spends here with me. I guess I'd better mention first that we...

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Cemetery plaque

I just have a few questions and need some advice. I tried googling my questions but came across this page instead.. So here it goes.. My situation is a bit more complicated. I...


Bad mom

Hello mommies, I keep on reading on google to know if im still normal. I cant help but shout at my baby when im losing my temper, she loves to cry everyday every moment. One day...


My 18 year old daughter

Hi, I am putting this out there to moms and daughters. Two years ago, my daughter had finally hit and pushed me for the last time (yes, she was in therapy) and I demanded that...


My 2 year old daughter still takes a binky?

My daughter turned 2 in Septemeber & still takes a binky. Everybody looks down on me for still allowing her to have it. I don't understand why she shouldn't be allowed. So, why...

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Hi moms! I would like to run a question/scenario by all of you and get some feedback! I had been using the same babysitter for 8 years and my husband and I thought we had been...


Meal Time Drama.......

I am at my wits end with my 3 1/2 year old boy and meal time. It takes so darn long to get him to eat anything. When he does he stores it in his cheek like a hamster. The...

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Is this normal?

So for the past 2 nights Mya has woke up between 12-1 screaming like bloody murder. She is not hungry, no dirty diaper, no fever so I go to lay her back down and she starts to...


All about you!

Tell us a little about yourself & your situation with your child(ren) (weather they are biological, step, adopted, or foster. :) We love to hear from all sides, so feel free to...



Hey everyone! I despreatly need help. I've always been a terrible sleeper and struggle with insomnia but when I'm pregnant it's 10 times worse. It takes me 2-3 hours to fall...