still waking in the night

My daughter is 16 months and she still wakes in the middle of the nite its driving me mad it not even as if its just once its 3 or 4 times can even be more than i really dont...



Is there any one on IUD, if so which one do you have on and how is it treating you?

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poopin in the potty

my little boy who is nearly 3 will not poo in the toilet or the potty and keeps doin it in his pants i`ve tried so many things its like he is scared to poo because he has no...



My baby is 12 weeks old tomorrow, hes had colic in the evenings since he was a few weeks old but then since last week he has been crying on & off all day. It starts just after...


potty training my 3-1/2 year old daughter

my daughter is 3-1/2. She'll pee on the potty no problem. #2-no go. She wants nothing to do with it. We've tried everything from putting a movie she wants in the bathroom...

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new to site

just wanted to say hi, i'm new to the COM. i have a 17yr old special needs daughter with jacobsen syndrome and a 16 yr old son. i happened upon the site looking for something...


Autism signs?

I have a 2 yr old son who shows some signs of autism. His doctor has scheduled a comprehensive evaluation and we are definetley concerned and worried. Samuel is a very smart,...


Advice for the terrible twos?

I have a little girl who just completely turned 2 and a 3 1/2 girl. My youngest is truly in the terrible 2 stage and I try to be very patient with her demands and set...

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Hide and Seek Is Dangerous for Toddlers

Cafemom This past week, 4-year-old Bryce McCraken of Missouri went missing while playing hide-and-seek. More than 250 people searched for 12 hours, before he was finally found...

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Vaccinations and travel

I know, everyone is groaning about yet another vaccine debate. But I haven't seen this one brought up before and I was going to post it in the Gardasil debate, but after all...

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To Vaccinate or Not

I watched a video by Dr. Tenpenny (you can find it on her facebook page. I couldn't figure out how to attach it). She made an excellent point In 1985 received 18 Vaccines by...


Bowel movements

Does anyone's angel have trouble using the bathroom? I've had to help my kid go #2 since she was about 3 months. Stools come out hard as rocks and huge! I have no idea how it...


someone plz tell me im not crazy

ok im a stay @ home mom i take care of my 1yr old and my 1 month old my b/f works long hrs 8am to 8 or 9 pm most days and im fine all day intill he gets here i start to cry i...

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I've wanted to start this debate for a while, but have been thinking about the best way to go about it. It's kind of a personal issue so if you don't want to contribute, that's...



My little man is nearly 17 months old and still isn't walking. He'll walk with our hand or with a walker but he just won't do it by himself. Should i be getting worried? Ps....