watching daughter in DV marriage

Hello everyone, I have a daughter who is in a DV situation and it just breaks my heart that she is staying with her husband. He is so abusive and controlling.shoves her,makes...


Birth Rape

http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/birth-rape-why-is-this-happening-in-our-hospitals-2459486.html Basically, this woman was expecting a normal birth and in the matter of minutes...

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Warmest Wishes and Holiday Greetings!

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues, Warmest Wishes and Holiday Greetings! I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy holiday. May your family and friends be blessed...

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Why do we stay?

I too have been a victim of domestic violence and when I look at the situations now I wonder why I stayed....perhaps it was the thought of love, the verbal abuse, lack of...


Feeling of failure

I have a son born Jan 2010 and I have been struggling with this feeling for a while now. I labored with him for 13 hours and was only a 4 before the Dr said I needed a...



I'm so encouraged by all the moms that have joined our community! I, and many other moms appreciate your support, and welcome all our newest members. Please check out the...


Who Controls Childbirth?

There is so much I could say about this article. I'll just post and see what you all think before I give my opinions. If you don't have a lot of time, the last page sums up the...

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Circumcision made illegal

How do you all feel about this? A German judge has ruled that it is illegal for doctors to carry out circumcisions on children, as "it constitutes a violation of physical...

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Natural Birth

http://www.ottawacitizen.com/technology/Birth+crisis/5564550/story.html While having a baby at home and live online may seem wacky, it draws attention to how rare natural...

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Does it make me a bad person?

I REALLY don't want to have my baby's father in the room. We aren't together, he's not helpful, and we fight almost everytime I see him. Honestly, I don't think I'll be...

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Breech birth

Is it safer to do a csection for breech or is it safer to do a vaginal birth for breech. Drs in my area say surgery is safer, but I really wonder if this is just because they...

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